I’m not a leader
— Most People

Everyone can be a leader.

I have found that most people fight the idea of being a leader, because they think a leader looks like someone with a certain talent or personality. It's not. It's about character and practical build-able skills. ANYONE can be a leader if they put in the time and intention. 

Everyone is in the position to be a leader. 

As a stay-at-home mom for seven years, I know this one personally. imposter syndrome tells us that we need to have a formal team, or it needs to be explicit in our job descriptions. Being a leader is just about influencing people around you in a positive way that helps them achieve a desired goal. That could be raising your kids to be good people, wanting to get to know your neighbors, serving in a volunteer position, or even trying to be a light of kindness to people you come into contact every day. If you come into contact with people, even if it's online, you are in the position to be a leader. 


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