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Leadership is the collective action of everyone you influence. Your behavior—your actions and your words—determines how you influence. Our job as leaders is to energize whatever marshals action within others.
— David Casullo

What you need to know about me

I am a leadership coach and program development consultant, who also does some artsy stuff. This is my home for all my projects, including the Women of Purpose podcast.  My passions are a little wide spread but primarily focus around helping people grow.  That growth tends to be in leadership skills, spiritual faith, and emotional health. You can find out more about my approach to leadership here or by scrolling down. And don't forget to say hi to me at!

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I love to do one-on-one or team specific coaching. You can go far with general leadership skills trainings but to create deeper change with your unique strengths, then we need to explore how to best use your personal strengths with your unique position and goals together. 

You have to discover what you care about, what defines you, and what makes you who you are. You can be authentic only when you lead according to the principles that matter most to you.
— Kouzes and Posner
If you’re not doing some things that are crazy, then you’re doing the wrong things
— Larry Page

And I get creative

I often like to try new things like design a coloring book devotional journal, write a book on cancer, paint canvases, make bracelets, and so on. I have some pages devoted to my art and what I'm doing now, including some free downloads!

It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (1).png