I love to talk! When something gets on my mind, particularly when it's something I've personally learned or experience, I tend to talk, and talk, and talk… and sometimes I even hand draw my handouts (because it's really fun). 

Some specific things I speak about:

-What I learned from my son having cancer. My son has been fighting cancer since he was born, and it completely changed my life. While learning how to give him shots, being on house arrest because of immunity levels, many trips to the hospital, fighting depression, and all that, I somehow changed for the better. I'll talk about 3-5 key things I learned about my faith and life that really changed my life, and really can change other peoples lives as well. 

- Finding Your Mission From Right Where You Are. (We have purpose and can change the world no matter how stuck we feel that we may be in our life. I illustrate the point with my testimony from staying in the hospital for weeks with my son, and how that opened my eyes to my "God purpose" even during a time in my life where I had nothing left to give.)

- When you feel restless. (Based off the book Restless by Jeannie Allen, this study or lecture talks about how God made us to dream, how we can find God in our passions, and how to use that 'restless' feeling to grow closer to God and find his purpose for us.)

- Becoming God Strong. Finding strength from God during times of crisis, 3-5 practical application points that everyone can do - beyond the "pray" basics we already know. I use the testimony from my experience with my newborn having cancer as an illustration.)

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