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Feel the Feels, Anniversary of Cancer

Today is the anniversary of my son being diagnosed with cancer (pictured above at 5 weeks old). It always brings up weird emotions. I hate to give that day such significance.

I don't want to dwell and mourn the bad stuff, but celebrate the good stuff that comes out of the bad, but I've had to written it on so many medical histories it's burned into my brain. But what's interesting to me is how it affects each of us momcology mom's in different ways, long after the fact, that we'd never expect... for me, especially this year, the time between my son's birthday and this anniversary is borderline painful for me.

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When All Else Fails

I say I feel a lot these days. Because “I feel” is both a respect word and a reality check. My feelings are legitimate. It's my reality, it's what I am going through at that moment… my feelings are what form who I am. That deserves an amazing amount of respect. But my feelings too are also not what is happening in the rest of the world. They are my reality but not the reality.

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Quick Thoughts: How to talk to kids who are grieving

On October 21st, Jason Kenneth Markley died suddenly. He left behind his wife Pamela, and three children. On October 24th, Pamela posted the following on her Facebook: 

"So... a few requests in the coming days/weeks/months as you are around my kids. Please share this if you're local to me and people you know might be around my children.
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Dealing with Insecurity

I’m insecure. I've written a series of blog posts and I’ve noticed a theme: Each one in using disclaimers, or some sort of random insecure ramble about a flaw I'm embarrassed about.

There was something about being open with your mess but there is something else about nervously writing it because you rather say it to deflect people's judgement. Lately I have been doing the latter. 

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