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Vacation Musings

Pretty much as soon as I announced that I was starting to blog again regularly, I was bored with it. This is why I shouldn't announce things. It's that knock on wood, don't say it or it won't happen jinxy thing. Except with really fickle inspiration mojo.  However, I have been playing around with podcasting, nothing shareable yet but something may be coming at you soon. In the meantime here we are...

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When All Else Fails

I say I feel a lot these days. Because “I feel” is both a respect word and a reality check. My feelings are legitimate. It's my reality, it's what I am going through at that moment… my feelings are what form who I am. That deserves an amazing amount of respect. But my feelings too are also not what is happening in the rest of the world. They are my reality but not the reality.

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