Looking Towards 2016

New Years Eve is coming and being a parent of two children under 6, it means I'll be staying up until 10pm...with coffee. That aside, I'm not a big resolutions person. It's a fun activity but really it's a wishlist of things people are too lazy to actually take seriously enough to do. Plus my focus changes regularly throughout the year... I got where God leads. That can change once or three times a year. But here is what I do know about this next year: 


Asher is CANCER FREE. December 8th we were told that my son, at that moment, had no active cancer. He will be checked obsessively from now until he is much older, but we can at least go into the new year having kicked cancer's ass.

I have a new hobby. I love painting! Who knew?! It all started when I  started joining my daughter in her painting time, and remembered how much I loved it... I really do! A set of acrylic paints and some canvas' later my dining room table is covered in paints, brushes, easel, and various drying pictures. I'm no great artist, but I'm enjoying myself. For the first time, that's good enough for me. I am happy just doing something I enjoy (and share obsessively on Instagram) with no big aspirations or expectations attached to it. 

I'm taking on some new roles at my church. After a couple years break from ministry, I am stepping up into a couple new challenges. The first is starting a women's group for 24-35 year-old, that's a mix of spiritual growth, community study, and straight up just hanging with friends. That will be starting this January. Secondly, I'll be stepping up as coordinator of my church's MOPS group in June. Both are exciting and new challenges in their own ways. I'm in this while "i want to groooooow!"  phase of life, so I'm all about jumping in and trying new things. I've coordinated before, planned events, and all that fun stuff but rarely have I been the speaker, visual leader, and teacher of groups of any size. I'm definitely not going to be able to say that a year from now, so cool. Here we go. 

Those are three pretty cool things to give me a bit of direction this next year- New hope, new joy, and new challenge. Go me!