Review for You Can Get Through This: When Your Child Has Cancer

I had to share the amazing (and very professional) review I got for my new book. I really take the opinion of those who work in the field, holding parents hands day in and day out, to heart. They know the resources available and what actually helps. 

"When Your Child Has Cancer" is a wonderful book and resource for families trying to navigate the complex world of childhood cancer. Jennifer uses her own life experiences to speak to a greater audience about what is helpful when one is thrown into the chaos of visiting or staying at a hospital. Jennifer thoroughly addresses all aspects related to having a child diagnosed with a chronic illness; most notable are her organizational tools and tips. I would recommend this book to all my patients, families and colleagues as it is an exceptional and concise resource that speaks to any chronic illness."
- Stephanie Petruzzi, MSW, Clinical Social Worker, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital