How Coaching Works


          If you want to find out if this is for you, then let's talk. You contact me through email ( or with the form below,  We talk (for free, don't worry) and see if there is some way I can support and contribute to helping you grow and thrive. This is DEFINITELY not an audition or application process. It's important to me to make sure I can effectively contribute to helping you achieve your particular goals or to help find you someone who can. Once we decide that we can rock this together, then I'll give you some package options that will work for your what you want to do. After you choose one, we get all that logistical stuff figured out, then we start! It sounds like a long process, or complicated, but it's really not. 

If you are interested it chatting, fill out this form: 

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People could use leadership coaching for... 

...taking on a new role where you are to guide a team toward a set goal, such as being a team leader at work, or leading a ministry. have  support while trying to take a vision (new ministry, program, project, business, etc) to reality.

...finding a rooting purpose and ways to influence those around you, even if it's not in your formal role (such as if you are not in managerial position at work, a stay-at-home mom, or low-level volunteer). 

...getting help in how to share your vision with others, and bring them on board to accomplish your goal.