Health Printables (14 templates)

Health Printables (14 templates)


These printables are colorful yet simple sheets to keep you organized when dealing with chronic health conditions, frequent doctor trips, and/or long hospital stays. The templates include: 

  1. Family Tracking Sheet- The who, what, where, when, of your family. Perfect for hospital stays. 
  2. Two Month Appointment List- Keep track of what doctors you see when, in calendar and list form. This makes for easy reference later on. 
  3. Procedure Master List- This is a cheat sheet for all your major treatments and surgeries. Makes for easy reference when remembering dates and order of medical history. 
  4. Test List- List of major tests you've had (MRI's, etc) with a place for notes and reminder for follow-up tests. 
  5. Organization contact sheets- Keep track of any help from organizations you get, big events, when programs or support will end, etc.
  6. Medication Cheat Sheet- Know what your meds are, dosage, side affects to look out for, and more in one quick reference sheet. 
  7. Weekly Medicine/Treatment Schedule- Keep track of what you have to do week to week.
  8. Financial Tracker- Keep track of your expenses having to do with medical expenses (helpful for taxes). 
  9. CoPay/Deductable Tracker- Keep track of what you pay out, for your health insurance claims. 
  10. Mileage Tracker- Keep track of your travel for medical needs. 
  11. Hospital Cheat Sheet- In this one sheet, it will help keep you organized during your hospitalization with information from why you are there, what is the treatment plan, to important numbers and information you will need for your stay.
  12. Labs tracker- Regular blood labs? Keep tack of them on this sheet to monitor trends and for quick reference when talking to doctors. 
  13. Help List- Keep track of family members, friends, whoever who offers to help. When you are in the thick of a crisis or problem, it's hard to remember who offers to help and what they offer to do. 
  14. Thank You List- This will be a list to help you remember who you need to thank for encouraging notes, help with medical bills, rides to the hospital, etc. 

Note: These templates are already provided in the ebook, When Your Child Has Cancer.

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