DONATE a copy of You Can Get Through This to a family battling cancer

DONATE a copy of You Can Get Through This to a family battling cancer


Families going through the initial stages of a cancer diagnosis don't always have the time, energy, or extra money to be able to seek out books and resources to help them through this tough time. By donating a book (or three!) you'll be able to help get this resource in the hands of a family who could use a little extra help and love. 

This 64-page guide covers what to expect, an introduction to financial resources and fundraising, how to make doctors appointments and hospital visits more fun for the children, what to pack for long hospital stays, asking for help, ways to keep their community informed, and 14 colorful printable templates to help the parents and guardians track their child's medical information. 

For every copy you purchase, a copy of You Can Get Through This will go directly to Keaton Raphael Memorial or UCSF Pediatric Oncology to be given by their support staff to a family whose child has been recently diagnosed with cancer.  

"When Your Child Has Cancer" is a wonderful book and resource for families trying to navigate the complex world of childhood cancer. Jennifer uses her own life experiences to speak to a greater audience about what is helpful when one is thrown into the chaos of visiting or staying at a hospital. Jennifer thoroughly addresses all aspects related to having a child diagnosed with a chronic illness; most notable are her organizational tools and tips. I would recommend this book to all my patients, families and colleagues as it is an exceptional and concise resource that speaks to any chronic illness." - Stephanie Petruzzi, MSW, Clinical Social Worker, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital

Thank you for considering donating to this cause!

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