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I never took up painting, because I wasn't any good at it. One day, during a life crisis, I felt a shift. I started painting in the quiet of my own home, and it was scary and freeing. Over time, I found that God made me to be creative, whether it is using paint or markers, I communicate in color. It became a way of worship and expressing my faith.

However, I still battle insecurity about making imperfect doodles and bringing a bag of markers with me to church.  In reality it's not about them. It's about honoring God, by exploring Him and how He made me. Even if it's messy and imperfect. 

I have also found that I'm not alone in this insecurity, so I started posting my stuff. Someone has to be the first to say God made me to be an artist but I am not perfect at it. Like many others, who may be too fearful to even try. 


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Reflections on God Journal-July (For Spring Valley Church)
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Reflections on God Journal-July (For Spring Valley Church)

This journal contains 5 weeks of “Worship service” pages (1/week), prayer pages (1/page), notes pages for scripture or studies (6/week), a weekly check in (1/week), and monthly wrap-up page. The prayer pages can be printed separately, but are formatted to be the back of each journal page.

This journal is meant to be printed on normal 8.5 x 11 inch paper, then cut in half and bound. If printed that way, it would make 2 journals.

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